Keeping Caught Up....

I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends. - Shakespeare

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Heidi's Long Story Short

Hey everybody. I guess it's my turn. I went to school at the University of Evansville in southern Indiana, and graduated with a BS in Theatre in 2002. While I was there, I spent a semester abroad in England, and absolutely loved it - Leah, I'm jealous you'll be living in London, I love that city. I came back to Salt Lake after graduation, and I'm now working as the Marketing Director for Repertory Dance Theatre, and trying to do some playwriting in my spare time. I'm living in Sugar House at the moment, but I'm in process of buying a condo a little closer to downtown, which has been quite a trip. I'll probably be moving in sometime in April. Wow, I just summarized the last eight years of my life in a few lines. Not sure how I feel about that... Good to hear from all of you, Heidi Schmidt

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leah's life for the past four years

Hi Everybody! Thanks for the invitation to the blog, it'll be great to keep updated, it's great to read about everyone. As for me....well, after graduating from the U of U in 2001, and working as a receptionist for a few months, I decided it was about time to have an adventure. So....I moved to Taiwan. Yeah, I found a job on the internet, had a telephone interview, and decided to go be an English teacher. It's really a fantastic opportunity, I made quite a bit of money, traveled to China, Japan, Thailand and the Phillipines on vacation, and met some amazing people. I even learned to speak Mandarin. I was there for just over 13 months, but by then I was itching for something more intellectually challenging, so after three months back in Utah, I went to Canterbury in England to do a Master's Degree in 'Dickens and Victorian Culture' at the University of Kent. Most MA's in England only take one year, so I figured the overseas tuition would be worth it - didn't count on the ridiculously high cost of living - so I quickly spent all the money I had earned in Taiwan. That's life I guess. However, I learned a load about literature, wrote a dissertation, saw some great places and....met my husband, Simon! We were married on 8 April 2004, and it's been great. Simon's from London, he's a fantastic guy, great sense of humour, loads of ambition, and the love of my life. He's also four years younger than me, so he's technically a Junior at Universtiy now. He's doing a degree in English Law and German Law, so we're spending this year in Germany. We live in a lovely little town called Marburg, and I commute to Frankfurt every day for work English Teacher! It's a great job, I get to be creative and meet lots of people. I'm really enjoying it. We'll be here until August, then spend the next year in London, then...I have no idea. Pretty exciting anyway. My note about Eric: Sad that it took Eric's death to bring us all together. He was a huge influence on my life - he affected what I studied at Uni, my hobbies, interests, and goals. It's hard to imagine him gone, but the evidence I have seen and read suggests that he is still very much alive in all of our hearts - he certainly is in mine.